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Writable Globe Vinyl Clever Catch 24" Inflated Ball in White

Writable Globe Vinyl Clever Catch 24" Inflated Ball in White

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How do you get a student to interact with geography without getting on a plane? Make a game of catch-the-planet!. There are a lot of games you can play with an inflatable globe Toss it around and have the catcher answer a question about what is under their right thumb for example. Which hemisphere is it in? What are the coordinates? Identify the continent or ocean So. when you have a blank white globe with black outlines. you have just upped the ante! Now the student has to identify or answer a question without seeing the names on the globe. Wouldn't that be a fun game of catch? Identify the nearest country to your left pointer finger. and then write it on with a wet-erase marker (not included)! Keep tossing until the entire continent. or whole globe. is labeled!. Use for continents. countries. physical features. etc. More fun than plain old blank paper maps! Great for your kinesthetic. hands-on learners or wiggly kiddos. 24" diameter

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