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Silvert's Women's Anti Strip Adaptive Jumpsuit for Seniors Alzheimer's Patients SV23330

Silvert's Women's Anti Strip Adaptive Jumpsuit for Seniors Alzheimer's Patients SV23330

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EASIER ASSISTED DRESSING: This adaptive clothing for women is designed specifically for assisted dressing and assisted undressing. The back-zip feature of the anti-strip jumpsuit extends below the knee. making it perfect to be used as disabled clothing for women. Nurses. caregivers. and more love how this one-piece Alzheimer's suit makes it easier for them to dress their patients and loved ones. PREVENTS TEARING DISROBING: The dome closures at the neck prevents Alzheimer's disrobing. The compulsive stripping issues in both Alzheimer's and dementia patients are no longer an issue with these zipper closures and innovative design. ROOMY. COMFORTABLE FIT: The elastic waist provides a stretchy fit for enhanced comfort. The waistband will conform to the user's shape while the soft polyester-cotton material offers a comfy. warm feel. ALZHEIMER'S CLOTHING: Often used as dementia clothing or Alzheimer's clothing. this anti-strip adaptive jumpsuit for aging women is engineered to make the lives of patients and caregivers easier by limiting disrobing. The durable. innovative fabric resists the tearing often associated with post surgery pants. tearaway pants. dresses for elderly women. and more. USES: Due to the benefits for both patients and caregivers. this anti-strip adaptive jumpsuit is often used as a gift for those dealing with Alzheimer's or dementia as well as those providing care. The one-piece women's jumpsuit is used in hospitals. assisted living facilities. nursing homes. and in traditional homes.

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