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Hemp Rounds

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Hemp circles to help you apply your toner.


If you’re conscious about minimising your plastic consumption and wish to purchase our toner with the aluminium cap rather than the plastic spray pump, then this product is a must.

The hemp material we use in our face rounds is naturally hydrophobic, meaning it won’t absorb all of the product but rather act as a medium to transfer the product straight from the bottle and onto your face.


How to use: cover the opening of the toner bottle with the hemp round and quickly tip the bottle upside down to get the toner onto the round. Then, gently dab (do not rub) the hemp round all over your face and chest to evenly apply the toner.


Included with this purchase are three hemp rounds, as well as a cotton net bag which functions as a wash bag so that your hemp rounds don’t get lost amongst your laundry.


Product specs:

  • 3x hemp rounds, 80mm diameter each
  • 1x cotton washbag, 190mm * 120mm