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Brilliant Kids Electric Battery Round Toothbrush with Sonic Technology, Penguin

Brilliant Kids Electric Battery Round Toothbrush with Sonic Technology, Penguin

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Brilliant Kids Electric Battery Toothbrush with Sonic Technology. Penguin:360 DEGREE PATENTED DESIGN: This round toothbrush features over 15.000 microfine bristles around the circumference of the handle with a patented round design that allows for can't-miss brushing of the teeth. tongue. and gums. DESIGNED WITH SONIC TECHNOLOGY: Sonic Technology uses two cleaning methods for optimal efficiency. First. this Brilliant kid's toothbrush brushes the teeth manually. Then. the non-contact cleaning happens beyond the bristles. through microbubbles and sonic waves that disrupt and destroy dental plaque and bacteria. PAINLESS AND EASY BRUSHING: The micro-fine bristles on this kid's battery-operated toothbrush have round-cut ends that are suitable for kids' teeth and gums. Simply wet the bristles. turn it on. and brush. There is no need to turn or twist. just let the thousands of micro bristles and sonic technology do the work. Start in one quadrant of the mouth and move to the next each time the brush pulses. The last step is to rinse well and air dry. END THE BRUSHING BATTLE: The ideal solution for reluctant kids. this Sonic Technology toothbrush has specially processed bristles that provide gentle brushing. so your child does not fight to brush. It helps your child brush without pain or irritation. The 360-degree brush targets hard-to-reach places easily without twisting and turning the wrist. also creating a fun brushing for children with its exciting design. EASILY MONITOR YOUR CHILD'S BRUSHING: The LED brush head on our kid's sonic electric toothbrush allows parents to see into the child's mouth during brush time. It vibrates every 30 seconds until 2 minutes of brushing are complete. It serves as an ideal training toothbrush for any child.

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