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Bamboo spatula

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Bamboo spatulas to keep your skincare routine mess free.


These bamboo spatulas are a must if you’re passionate about keeping your skincare clean and germ-free. Our spatulas are designed as a nifty little tool that you can use to scoop any of your favourite products out of their packaging and onto your skin. Using these spatulas instead of your fingers is a great way to ensure funky finger germs stay well away from your skincare products.


How to use: Think of these spatulas as an extension of you hand. Scoop the desired amount of product out of its container with the spatula before applying the product directly to your skin (or however you would usually apply your products). To make sure your bamboo spatulas get a long life, we recommend wiping away any excess product and moisture from the spatulas (using a towel) after every use.


Included in this purchase are 3 bamboo spatulas.


Product specs:

Each bamboo spatula is 61mm in length and 2.4mm thick