Photo Program

You’re interested in the photo program?! I am teeming with joy to be collaborating with you <3

please read on for all the important information to get this partnership up and running.


Wait, so what’s this all about?

The photo program works like an exchange. You send in your before and after pictures, and I will send you a $20 coupon for anything in the DULA store.

I believe it’s important for my customers to know that the products they are buying will benefit their skin, and what better way to assure them of this than some picture proof from another customer, i.e. YOU!

ppssst. Don’t worry you will stay completely anonymous.


So, how does this work exactly?

All I ask of you is 2 pictures. 1 picture before you’ve started using any or all of our products, and 1 picture after using them.


Time frame? Doesn’t matter. The pictures can be taken one week apart or 3 months apart! The only important thing is that there’s a visible difference in your skin appearance. When you send the snaps you also gotta let me know the time lapse between the pictures so I can make sure on my end that I don’t goof up and say the wrong thing online.


What should you take a picture of? That’s up to you darling.

Interested in seeing the transformation DULA can have on your whole face? Do some whole face snaps!

A little bit wary about a full face shot going up online? I so get that, and you are so welcome to do some close-up shots of your forehead, cheek, nose or whatever! All you gotta do is make sure the before and after shots are of the same body part! :P duh.


Oooft information! Let’s recap:

  • Send us 2 pictures (one before using DULA and one after).
  • The timeframe can be whatever you want it to be (just make sure to let us know the time lapse and that there’s a visible difference in skin appearance).
  • The picture can be a close-up or a wide angle. It’s your choice so long as the shot is consistent across both pictures.
  • Send in the pictures to and get a $20 store credit for your next DULA purchase.


And that’s pretty much the whole jist of it!


ps. One last super important thing I have to mention. The pictures you send to us may or may not be used across our online platforms. By sending us pictures of your skin, before and after, you are also consenting to these pictures being shared via our channels. Of course, your name, email, or any other information about you will not be posted anywhere online. Just your pictures. So rest assured your beauty sleep will be undisturbed knowing your anonymity is our highest concern!
pps. Please make sure to follow the above requirements for the photos. DULA reserves the right to withhold store credit or end our collaboration with you prematurely if the above requirements are not met.


Once again, I am so super stoked to be collaborating with you on this awesomesauce project! High five!


If you have any further questions about this collab, or are ready to send in your snaps, please send an email to


Warmest Regards,



Just so you haven’t missed it, once you send your pictures I will email you a code for $20 credit on your next DULA purchase.