Packaging information

Okay family; let’s talk about the packaging we use for our skincare range.


You may have noticed that our packaging is fairly no-frills.

Boxes to house the tins and bottles? Nope

Crazy colours on our labels and bottles? Nope

Fancy pumps and dispensers? Nope


Why? Because minimal packaging reduces the energy required for production. Having a branded box to put the already branded bottles/tins inside is superfluous. It offers no function or enhancement to our products aside from looking pretty, which is why we’ve decided to ditch them. Adding colour to a bottle or label is an extra step in the manufacturing process; an extra step that not only bumps up the price of the product but also increases energy consumption required to make the packaging. Again, this is something we’ve decided is just not worth it. Keeping our energy consumption to a minimum is an important value to us.

Lastly, you may have noticed that most of our products are packaged in aluminium tins. Our customers have made it clear to us that the environment is important to them, and we have listened. For convenience, our lip balms and deodorant could be packaged in twist tubes and our cleanser and moisturiser could be packaged in pump dispensers, but with current technologies it is only possible to make these packaging options using plastic. Sure, many plastics are recyclable, but unfortunately only finitely so. Each time plastic is recycled the quality of the material degrades and after so many recycles the plastic will eventually end up in landfill. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable; no matter how many times aluminium is melted down and repurposed the structural integrity of the molecules remains intact. Additionally, aluminium is light and sturdy and non-toxic (i.e. releases no aroma or taste substances into the skincare formulas that it houses).

We really try to make sure our packaging is just as environmentally sustainable as our formulas, but it must be noted that our packaging does contain some small amounts of plastic. The white disk that you will find inside the lids of our aluminium tins is known as EPE wadding. Expanded polyethylene (EPE) is a plastic material that is made through a process of injecting low-pressure steam on small polyethylene beads. The moisture and heat dilate the pentane content in the PE cells, which cause the beads to expand. Then over the course of a few days the pentane naturally dissolves and is replaced by air, resulting in the final EPE product which is composed of 98% air and 2% EPE. Pentane is not a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) so it will not actively destroy our ozone layer, but it has the potential to bond with oxygen to create carbon dioxide, and polyethylene in unstable forms (i.e. as a liquid during the manufacturing process, when broken down into small particles, or when heated) can be toxic and irritating to the human body but is otherwise inert. Conversely, the amount of energy required to manufacture EPE is roughly less than half the amount needed to manufacture comparable paper products and it’s function in our packaging ensures that our skincare products remain tightly sealed and protected from airborne bacteria and mould.

It’s not perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got right now. The EPE wadding is recyclable and it keeps our products fresh and contamination free, and is certainly better than an entire bottle made from plastic.


We’re keeping a close watch on new sustainable alternatives to plastic foams. There are a few new technologies, such as mycelium (mushroom) based foams, starch based foams and polymer/clay based foams, but these new technologies do not currently offer the same inert characteristics of EPE. These alternatives are highly absorbent and will therefore harbour bacteria and mould rather than repel them.

If you know of any alternative materials that function similarly to EPE and are environmentally sustainable then please get in touch! We would love to hear from you.


Time to talk about the packaging that houses our toner. Our toner comes in two packaging options. Firstly, if you simply adore the convenience and feel of a light and refreshing spritz of toner on your face, then you have the option to purchase our toner with an atomizer pump. This pump, whilst super convenient, does come with a little more plastic. The small tube used to suck the product into the pump is made from plastic and the mechanism that allows you to press the lid (in order to push the liquid through) is also made of plastic. There are currently no known eco material alternatives that can mimic the function of the atomiser pump, which is why we’ve provided you with a second option for our toner packaging; a simple aluminium twist cap (with EPE wadding). If you’re an eco-conscious warrior and want to use as little plastic as possible, then we recommend pairing the twist cap option with our hemp rounds as a useful tool to apply the toner.




The last little thing I wanted to address regarding our packaging is what we use to ship our products to you. We ship our products in paper. No plastic, no bubble-wrap. Just paper. For more detailed information on exactly how we package your products for shipment then head to our shipping information page here.