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Hemp Rounds

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To help you apply your toner or wipe away makeup.

Multi-purpose for a waste-free routine! 

This product is a must if you’re conscious about minimising your plastic consumption and wish to purchase our toner with the aluminium cap closure option.

Plus, they're fantastic for wiping away makeup and grime after a busy day.

Anti-bacterial and resistant to mould and mildew, hemp is a no-brainer for hygienic skin.

Plus they'll never get lost in the laundry with your bonus cotton net bag.


How to use

To apply toner - cover the opening of the toner bottle with the hemp round and quickly tip the bottle upside down to get the toner onto the round. Gently dab (do not rub) the hemp round all over your face and chest to evenly apply the toner.

To remove makeup -  apply a generous amount of coconut oil onto the hemp round using your fingers or a spoon. gently wipe away your makeup.



3x hemp rounds, 80mm diameter per piece

1x cotton washbag, 190mm height / 120mm length