Why I Started This Business

Why I Started This Business

Hello all and welcome to my website as well as my first blog post!

I thought I would start a blog series so that I may document my journey toward a more environmentally conscious lifestyle as well as share little tips and tricks for those of you who may want to do the same.

The focus of this first post is to try and explain succinctly how I came to start Dula Balm.

A few years ago I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the amount of waste I was producing as a result of my lifestyle. Not only was I horrified by the amount of non-recyclable waste I was producing every day, I was also becoming aware of the huge waste of energy required to manufacture recyclable plastics only to then use more energy on braking them down and reusing the materials until the end of their lifecycle when they too would end up in landfill. Recyclable plastics are not infinitely recyclable.

So, thinking about these things constantly is what kick started my journey into making my own cosmetic products, because a little research led me to realise that I could significantly cut down on the packaging I use.


Then came the process of researching ingredients that could be used to replace my pre-made cosmetics. I started out by reading the ingredients list on the store-bought products I was purchasing and was quickly met with utter confusion caused by the complex names of synthetic chemicals in these products, how was I supposed to source these ingredients? And are they even beneficial for my body? Intuition told me no.

Research, research and more research led to me understanding that a lot of the chemicals in standard products are only there to lengthen shelf life, create specific consistencies (that consumers have learnt to expect and desire) and basically do a whole lot of things other than nourishing your body and skin.


I began researching natural ingredients that could potentially replace these chemical ones, starting with ingredients I knew people were already using (think coconut oil, shea butter etc.) as natural alternatives.

Through copious experiments and testing (on myself) I’ve learnt that natural ingredients do the job just fine. They nourish my skin and give it the care/nutrients it needs, I felt confident that they weren’t damaging my skin (if I was comfortable eating such an ingredient surely it won’t do damage to put it on my skin) or the environment, and I was cutting down on wasteful packaging by buying the ingredients from bulk dispensaries.

I felt such elation relishing in the work I’d done to minimise my environmental impact, and along the way I’d manage to cut costs (it’s cheaper to make your own products rather than buy them!) and feel good about using less synthetic chemicals which could potentially be damaging to myself or the environment.


All of these benefits from one lifestyle change! With some encouraging nudges from dearly loved friends, I made the choice to start a business so that eco-conscious products could be shared and relished. Thus began the dawn of Dula.

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