Eco products to use everyday

Eco products to use everyday

Hey fam! Just a casual list of some delightful eco products that I use everyday. I hope that from this you will find inspiration to jump aboard the eco wagon!


First up: Reusable Cup, duh!

I’m sure you’ve heard about these sweet thangs. Different variants of them have been on the market for years now, and with good reason.

Do you, like me, drink coffee everyday? That’s, like, 365 disposable cups you could be avoiding each year with just one of these guys. The particular brand I’ve got right now is a keep cup, but if you’re not satisfied with this one then please, go and explore the wonderfully diverse market available to you! My partner has a Frank Green cup, which are entirely leek proof so this option may be better for those who have a strong urge to casually toss your cup into your backpack.


Second: Nico Underwear

You use underwear everyday right? Me too! Local brand Nico source ethical materials for their undies and they’re oh so soft. They also make sure their affiliate companies are fostering safe and fair employment for their workers.

Disclaimer: I also have unethical underwear purchased from before I started being more mindful of my consumerism. Slowly but surely though, as each pair reaches the end of their lifecycle I am buying ethical undies to replace them.


Third: Bamboo chopping board.

“But I already have a wooden cutting board, that’s ecological, right?”

Yes, and no. Wooden cutting boards are of course a better alternative to plastic, but bamboo is even better! Firstly, a bamboo plant will fully mature in 3-6 years whereas trees can take 20 years or more. This means that fewer resources (e.g. time/water) are used to create a bamboo chopping board.

Additionally, bamboo is less absorbent than wood, meaning it will take much longer for a bamboo board to develop a concoction of food smells than a wooden one would.

Don’t throw away your wooden cutting board today, but once it reaches the end of its lifecycle, think about investing in a bamboo one!


Fourth: Reusable grocery bag

This one is a no-brainer. Such a simple switch for such a big impact. I’ve made it a habit now to carry a cotton bag with me EVERYWHERE I go folded up inside my purse because it’s always good to be prepared for a spontaneous purchase (aren’t they the best?!). It took me a while to develop this habit, but I’ve nailed it now and it’s not a hindrance at all, in fact it’s quite the opposite. A cotton bag can fold up to be very compact, especially if you secure it with a rubber band (like I do), and now I feel prepared for anything!


That’s it from me for today and I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Please, if you have any other eco products that you use daily I would absolutely LOVE to hear about it. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for new ways to reduce my ecological footprint. <3


NOTE: I am not an affiliate with any companies I’ve mentioned in this post.


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